Tell Tale Signs Of Alzheimer's

Cause still little understood, Alzheimer's Disease is a chemical change in brain tissue structure. Unexplained protein deposits undermine normal brain functions, in particular short term memory storage and retrieval.

The result is memory loss. And as memory fails, the afflicted lose their capacity to learn, make judgments, and communicate.

Unfortunately, Alzheimer's Syndrome is progressive and cannot be reversed.

Ultimately, victims cannot manage even the most basic normal daily tasks like eating and personal hygene.

It is most distressing too for family and loved ones to, to observe a family member seemingly “fade away” little by little. The victim's struggle to maintain some form of sanity despite the condition can be too much for some relatives to bear and, sadly, they distance themselves from the sufferer instead of giving support.

With extending life expectancy, Alzheimer's is prevalent and ever increasing in incidence - so it is prudent to understand more about Alzheimer's now, in case you should ever find yourself (or a friend or family member) in this unfortunate situation in future. Recognizing the warning signs can help you cope with the disease in early onset when there is the best chance remaining to minimize the damaging effects of Alzheimer's. Knowing what to look for is key to early detection and diagnosis of this debilitating disease.

So let's review some of the warning signs of Alzheimer's. Some reasonable memory loss is an expected feature of normal aging. However, the type of memory loss symptomatic of Alzheimer's is noticeably more severe and often accompanied (or followed) by associated tell-tale signs. Alzheimer victims often experience difficulty with general cognitive tasks such as communication, thinking, reasoning, comparing, and learning new skills.

Short-term memory is generally the first target of Alzheimer's disease. For example, sufferers may forget family names or how to perform simple daily tasks. Strangely, long-term memory is less affected by Alzheimers; and patients may retain some clear memories of past scenes and events. They may consequently appear more comfortable living in the past than the present.

Another sign shown by patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease is the erosion of verbal communication skills. Instead of speaking up to communicate needs, preferences and feelings, the Alzheimer victim may instead revert to body language and facial expressions. Perception is another skill diminished by Alzheimer's syndrome.

It is difficult to define warning sign levels absolutely as some of the symptoms exhibited by Alzheimer's sufferers may just be a part of normal behavior. It is a question of degree. Also, the symptoms could signal another ailment entirely. So, once Alzheimers is suspected, it is important to arrange qualified medical diagnosis to eliminate other physical causes which may be treatable. Here are ten warning signs of Alzheimer's to be vigilant for:

•Gradual (progressive) loss of memory
•Difficulty performing simple everyday tasks
•Problems with language
•Declining judgment
•Inability to perform complex mental tasks
•Misplacing certain everyday items
•Noticeable behavioral changes
•Increased confusion, fear and suspicion
•Loss of initiative

As of the present there are no Alzheimer's treatments to totally cure, prevent or reverse the onset of the disease or its progression. What doctors can do is try to treat many of the disease symptoms such as loss of memory. The rate of progression may also be slowed in the earlier stages. Much Alzheimer's research is in progress and as new discoveries about the disease are made, we can expect more effective Alzheimer's treatments, with reduced side effects, to become available.

Try to consult with a qualified physician in order to help eliminate some symptoms that might look like true Alzheimer's and to effectively distinguish between the many other causes of dementia, some of which are completely treatable.

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